Ok, hmm. I don’t really know

Ok, hmm. I don’t really know

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Ok, hmm. I don’t really know how this improvisation will continue, but I don’t want to think too much ahead. Hmm, maybe I could start with saying my name, that would be so stupid, or where I am from. That would matter so much, right? Hmmm, throwing some legs at it maybe? Now, that would be dumb. Yeah there is not soo much thinking lately. Should I be thinking harder? Is there something that I should just accept? That it is the way things are and that I better not raise my voice, because that is such a dictatorial way of working? Although, hmm, yeah, maybe, do you know the mailorder brides services? Mail order brides, yeah. But that’s nothing to do with love, that is just an economic purpose to sustain peace and prosperity for all; at least the ones that believe in that shit. So if you don’t, than you’re their source, right? It is interesting every time when you switch from one side of the ideological spectrum to another side, both parties see you as a betrayer and then you are subject suddenly to like all the benefits that are derived from one side or the other; which simply shows that both systems, no matter what you would ascribe yourself to, are still deriving their value on the exploitation of what they consider not to be part of their thing. And that totally invalidates any kind of system that they believe to be a true part of. Maybe I can start with thinking about that. Yes, wow, maybe I just ended by thinking about it.

For a couple of days, or ,weeks, or months, how do you express that? Depends on how many times you take a nap during the day, I guess. So that, lets say, for a while, since time is very relative if you don’t want to make it on the ptolemaic scale or the nanosecond of deriving profit. For a while, something happend on the social level. On the experiences that are considered admissible within the social, how do you say that? What previously was considered as a form of enjoyment and causes happiness to exist in the social space, meaning what gives value to you as an individual – has been radically reconfigured, due to something which is not even admissible to life, because a viral cell has no life. It is not even categorised as life. I mean an RNA doesn’t validate itself as a living organism, because by its very definition it requires other organisms for it to exist. So the whole social cohesion and consequently the whole world system based on deriving value of this social cohesion, I’m not saying exploitation, obviously – is kind of upset by this non living thing that is radically disturbing people’s their livelihood. Which is a pity, because nobody loves to see their loved dying.

So, on one side there is this very interesting form which is causing a new idea of solidarity, and when I talk about solidarity what really struck me a while ago when I was listening to the brave new world audiobook on archive dot org. I didn’t finished that one, I already saw the nineties movie a while ago, he falls of a cliff, Shakespeare whatever, things go on as planned. So in one of the chapters on solidarity, there they refer to solidarity as a kind of like ritual for the fordist. I think it is in, yeah, they refer to ford and the orgy porgy. So it is a basic solidarity in the brave new world, it is considered as kind of appearance of an all knowing illuminating figure which comes to being out of the sexual intensity caused by persons who don’t necessarily love each other but just kind of use their sexual pleasure to kind of get some extra access to other forms of benefits. So that would be solidarity in the brave new world context, orgy porgy.

So I’m not really interested in that form of solidarity, although I guess, zoom and facebook are thriving as never before. Not that I don’t like so much facebook, I think they are wonderful tools to be used in the benefit of the human being. But going into full naked monty for them and starting to stick whatever into whatever to make it better, I’m not sure about that.

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So sacrifice yourself for a greater good, that would be the other stream. Maybe not a promiscuity is a citizens duty, but put latex in between everything because you might die, because of a virus. Maybe the other form that would be: lets do it like we used to, in the good old days. You know in the time of medieval or when was it again? So archaic thought, the belief in maybe even a romantic kind of sense or a true aspiration that if all this technology would stop to exist that suddenly our natural being would flourish. And I could take a rock and drag it to my cave and make it reproduce or what? Which is another problem which needs to be addressed in that framework also, because I think this kind of archaic form of, how to say? If we really think that the solution to the current situation in the far state of the degradation of the resources on a global scale, due to a certain practice of extraction and belief in ill-limited growth is going to be resolved by a return to maybe one of the world religions taking over and using its military force – is quite ridiculous to think about that, because it is going to make it worse. But still it is a nice thought, in like thinking about it while checking my phone how it would be to live without phones. Or how it would be to live without a currency, without any prosperity whatsoever, without any market, no dimes to be made, no trade to engage in, no wives and slaves to be sold and send of to their destinies, no warriors to fight for their parents, no blood to be sacrificed for their soils. I’m thinking that it was still a nice idea that Mussolini was especially good at. So I think that this second option, also not really valid.

Then the third one, so not back to business as usual: go back to party mode, not going into archaic systems, oh in taoism everything was in balance, or whatever religion you believe yourself to be in. The third could be considered as a kind of techno futurism. Yeah, we will find a solution, let science do its work. Like science will save it all. That might be true, but it might also mean that these kind of self-reflected voices of incomplete human beings will go extinct in the process. And that there will be absolutely no proof of such thing existing because there will be no sentiment for it to value it itself. Why like art and culture, or whatever was the proof that a monkey became human? Same in religion, anyway that is another story. So that ’s as far as it goes, so probably a five g network and an elon musk kind of vision of the future combined with a population control through the bill gates spectrum and some distributed products for consumers through the amazon jeff bazos’ scheme, while tracking all the interactions through the zuckerberg’s kind of social condition center – yeah it is working pretty well. There is a couple more of them that don’t like to be in the limelight.

I think the next part would also be the mad max scenario, that would be option four, or the twenty eight days later scenario. You know like, just militarised closed settlements based on rule of, yeah, quite tough situations. Hmm, I think these four options which are quite similar to the first two, so maybe it is not four options but it is just again a kind of bifurcations of state on corporacy versus tribal religious fundamentalisms, that is quiet a poor vision of the future under capitalist exploitation, but which are of course of mutual benefit, because this is the current state that the world finds itself in. A minority making huge amounts of value derived from tribal communities living in poverties and using religion and exploitation to multiply so much as possible, so their constituents can provide appropriate forms of unregistered labour for me as an artist to benefit from, on the other side of the little earth that we are finding ourselves on. So being aware of this kind of situation, the long belief for a revolution drags off since, I don’t know, somewhere nineteen eighteen, nineteen fifteen, maybe before in haiti and in french, and all this kind of thing of like the people will rise and take power. And then what will happen after? Well first of all, a lot of people will die, and the difference being that now we have weapons of mass destruction that before where not so capable of destroying everything, so if this actually happens if people take power and they take power of the means to destroy basically the whole planet, guess what will happen? Probably they get in a fight about who got into bed with who and a bomb was launched and the other followed. Which’s always a problem of war.

So, revolution and the what is it called, frustrated so lets talk politics? I don’t really believe in that anymore either, not that I ever believed it, because it is more about a kind of guilt trip if you don’t belong to the same wave. That gives another space, or how shall we call that, paths of thoughts, or alternative ecologies to find themselves interconnected into a systematic thinking approach, excuse me systems theory approach. The internet of things, ooh what a joke. Imagine that my microphone could register what I’m saying, it would talk back to me. I have no idea about what is coming ahead in the future, except for a few delicate, specific, possibilities that have been there all along. For instance increasing the amount of leisure time, meaning more humans on the planet have ever been here, never before. The more that these humans are not consuming nor producing the easier it will be to survive. Because through technological advance there are means to actually allow for those persons if they don’t get crazy in their american dreams to start eating whatever they think they are hungry for because they are probably not sexually happy or whatever. Just to have enough time to not have to do anything is probably the best ecological solution there is at the moment. Because being industrious, both in the marxist communist or capitalistic liberal economies sense, is devastating for the planet. And believing in the green solution, organic maya or whatever gaia thing, is actually very close to what adolf hitler and mao where talking about. So that also doesn’t really work, because that means who gets to live actually and who is to decide that gaia gets to decide. So that would be another stupid religious form of justifying murder.

Then maybe to finish this, because I’m not really interested in coming to a conclusion, because this is part of my pass time of having the time. Yes, maybe the political solution could become a new form of legislating the space between the validation of labour time and the production of the amount of whatever currency that needs to exist for the circulation of the economy to provide the basic needs of its constituents. That would be a basic starting point, of course with complete disregard of gender or race or whatever peculiarity that the human can find itself to be. That would be a really revolutionary thought in itself but it wouldn’t require nothing for it to be happening because nobody would loose. Yes nobody would loose, you just need a bank to decide to make it exist, which is exactly the way it happens already. So maybe that could be something I would happily support.

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